Packing & Storage Tips

The store-it-safe Packing & Moving Shop has everything you need to safely pack and store your goods.

Please ask our experienced consultants for advice and assistance.

Tips for protecting your valuable belongings:

  1. Invest in sturdy boxes/cartons for packing your goods. This will ensure that you can easily stack the boxes and be confident that they will hold for years to come.
  2. When storing upholstered products such as mattresses and sofas you should consider investing in protectors, this will stop dust getting in and keep your items nice and clean for when you next use them.
  3. White goods and appliances must be prepared correctly for proper storage: Defrost refrigerators and freezers thoroughly, this will avoid water damage and mildew growth. Appliance doors must be secured during transport, but leave them slightly ajar once in storage.
  4. Drain washing machines and make sure the filter is dry. Also tie up hoses and cords before storing them.
  5. Mirrors and pictures need to be stored in a protective covering such as bubblewrap and mark them with fragile stickers. Never store mirror or pictures flat – always stand them on their edge.
  6. When wrapping breakables ensure maximum protection by using bubblewrap. Bubblewrap is re-usable, clean and because it is clear it allows for easy identification of contents. Pack items tightly in boxes marked fragile and be sure to fill any gaps with paper or filler.
  7. Televisions, computers, stereos etc. should be packed back into their original boxes where possible and if using other boxes fill gaps with paper for added protection.
  8. Disassemble furniture where possible before you store it. This will save you space when it comes to arranging your storage unit. Remember to cover furniture with packing blankets. This will prevent damage and scratching in the moving process.
  9. Books should be packed into smaller boxes flat. This will prevent the spines from deteriorating. Also for further protection, first line boxes with paper or plastic.